vendredi, février 29, 2008


I've got nothing to relate except that The Gladstone Hotel makes really good grilled cheese sandwiches.

lundi, février 25, 2008


The amaryllis is dying now. Paperwhites going strong.

(And go listen to Idan. He kept me sane today.)

vendredi, février 22, 2008


Ingestion of all sorts has been on my mind lately.

There is a nebulous plan afoot for serious writing about edible/drinkable things. If I get my act together, (read: if I do some research!) the plans should solidify early next week.

This time last week I was dragging a jet lagged boy to Fiesta Farms in search of dandelion greens and quail eggs. We found both eventually, and the rest of the weekend passed in a blur of eating and drinking. Street meat. Lithuanian beer. Omelettes. Ribs and rack of lamb...

When I tried to order a beer (Steamwhistle... it's good and local!) in the cafe at the top of the CN Tower, the server asked me for ID.

This happens all the time.

To wit:

Places I have been carded.*

1. Riley's Cold Beer and Wine Store, Westbank BC, age 19**
2. Some depanneur in North Montreal, age 23***
3. Sommerfield Supermarket, Llantwit Major, age 24****
4. Lufthansa flight 322, age 24
5. Sommerfield Supermarket, Buntingford, age 25*****
6. The CN Tower, Toronto, age 26

Later in the day, when we had descended to earth, we meandered into one of my favourite bars in the city. Smokeless Joe's. At some point the story of my recent carding was related. The bartender took a closer look at me and said "How old are you?"

"How old do you think I am?" I rejoined.


Yipes. Maybe I should start wearing makeup.

Bearing all of this in mind, I plan to sit at home tonight reading a good book and drinking a beautiful Cab Sav. Feeling youthful.

*with end notes. Also, this is not an exhaustive list.
**I had forgotten my wallet and the women wouldn't believe I was of age. Adding insult to insult, the previously served patrons were girls from my brother's grade 11 class who had fake ID.
***I must be the only person EVER to be carded in that city
****The same supermarket I bought beer at when I was at boarding school and actually WAS underage. When I hauled out my driver's license it was deemed unacceptable. I had to go back to the car for my passport which was grudgingly accepted.
*****Clearly, I should never shop at Sommerfield again.

mardi, février 19, 2008

this is not a plant blog...

but you are forgiven for thinking it might be.

There has been on day of sunshine in the last fourteen. The light was so bright and unexpected that we shuffled blindly through the snow in Trinity Bellwoods park, holding each other's elbows and skidding on the flashing ice.

When everything nature is dormant or dangerous, and everything life is upside down, I am surprised and delighted by my ability to nurture living things.

mardi, février 12, 2008

Snow Day

It has snowed all day, adding 30 cm to the 45 already blanketing (smothering?) the city. I'm dreaming of sun-dresses and sandals and gardening.



samedi, février 09, 2008


These are not for me, they're warming some beloved shins in Calgary.

mardi, février 05, 2008


My new phone takes pictures, has an fm radio, can surf the world wide web, and, if I ask really nicely, will transport me to the future while performing open heart surgery and brokering peace in the middle east.

The new house has a dishwasher, laundry machine, barbeque, insulation, and the interwebs.

An embarrassment of riches.